The Sarder TV Interview Videos

Sarder TV interviews Steve Anderson as he delves into the origins of and how Jeff Bezos started the company. He talks about how Bezos was working in the hedge fund industry and was intrigued by the growth of the Internet and the opportunities for an entrepreneur. Anderson discusses how Bezos came to choose books as the foundation of the original business. [Sarder TV provides exclusive interviews with the authors, leaders, and taste makers currently affecting industry.]

What is your business background?

What is the origin of The Bezos Letters?

How did Amazon come into being?

Do you see patterns in the Letters to Shareholders written by Jeff Bezos?

How did you validate the principles you identified in Letters to the Shareholders?

What role did risk play in the creation of Amazon?

Can you explain Principle One: Encourage Successful Failure?

What are some of Amazon’s most prominent failures?

What can business leaders learn from how Amazon views failure?

Can you explain Principle Two: Bet on Big Ideas?

Can small businesses risk betting on big ideas?

What is the importance of Amazon’s Lab126?

Can you explain the philosophy behind Amazon’s Lab126?

Can you explain the principle Obsess Over Customers?

What does obsess over customers mean to Amazon?

What kinds of metrics does Amazon use?

What is the principle of Accelerate High-Velocity Decisions?

Can you explain the philosophy of the Six Page Narrative?

How has Amazon employed long-term thinking?