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Welcome Work the System Listeners

I’m so glad that you heard me and Sam Carpenter & Josh Fonger talking on the WORK THE SYSTEM Podcast.  Sam & Josh are great hosts who are passionate about introducing you to the people and ideas that can transform their life. So am I.

Do You Want To Grow Your Business Like Amazon!

You can apply the same principles Jeff Bezos used, and watch your business become more efficient, productive, and successful—fast!

You will find the resources I mentioned on the podcast below.  Please get them all and look around the sight for updates and more information you can use to Grow Your Business Like Amazon.



Steve Anderson

“Only a few books in history garner the attention organically to become something really special — something business leaders react to and change their course of direction. As a book publisher, we know the power of those books and how those books can change the world. Jeff Bezos was able to see into the future and get products into people’s hands globally in ways never before imagined. Now, we are proud to be the publisher of another one of those books. The Bezos Letters will help businesses worldwide grow and continue to spread ideas and services that help shape and improve the world like Jeff Bezos does. Well done, Steve!”

David Hancock

Founder, Morgan James Publishing